Antarctica: How to Photograph Snow and Ice

Glacial Glow

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Take another look at the four snow and ice images in the gallery above. Do you see the stark difference in the color depiction of the snow? Snow and Ice are very difficult to photograph, why is that? The camera sets the automatic exposure too low because it is programmed to anticipate that 15% of the image is most often grey. Not so in snow. Therefore we have to overexpose by about two stops. Yes, and the color of the snow can be too blue, green or grey. Exposure to a degree and color can be changed in post processing but why not get it right in camera. This video made by PhotoJoseph on photographing in snow and ice provides in 12 short segments what to do in these cold conditions to take care of the camera and how to create amazing images using the technical options of the camera. Take a look at our Antarctica Gallery to see the interpretations of snow and ice.

By ruth