About Us

Martin and Ruth Renters decided more than 20 years ago that their joint interests were photography and travel. They followed their passion for many years, traveling in various continents and photographing their individual experiences and visions.

Actively participating in photography groups for years, we co-founded “Studio 12”, a studio, gallery, and workshop place on James Street North in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada with likeminded photographers. This beautiful place provided opportunities for learning, creating, showcasing, and teaching. Many well attended exhibitions at “Studio 12” were part of “Art Crawls”, a monthly arts festival on James Street North.

These fun times came to an end by having to give up our studio when the landlord needed the space. Lately we are more homebound because of the COVID pandemic which doesn’t help our photography activities either. Travel is a no go right now but we continue working on images at home.

Virtual photography sessions and great opportunities to learn from famous photographers all over the world became our go to places. However, in order for us to be actively engaged with fellow photographers from home we decided to create a photographer’s website to inspire, engage and encourage old and new friends to join our endeavor to create a place to see, show, tell about photographic projects and learning.

Hopefully the virtual exchanges will come and maybe personal and not solely virtual exchanges will follow in the not too far future. Please take a look at the beginnings of our website and comment, contribute and have fun!